Monday, May 31, 2010

23 weeks

On Friday, at 22 weeks 5 days, I had my regularly scheduled appointment and ultrasound. The Doctor checked little one's measurements and they're all where they should be and little one weighs almost a pound. Looks perfectly healthy and was moving around quite a bit. Only problem is they were being stubborn and kept their little butt pressed against my navel the whole time and would not reveal their gender, so we're still clueless to whether we have an Owen or Alyssa joining our family in September. I was slightly disappointed and sad that we didn't find out (I have a severe shopping addiction for baby clothes lol) but as long as little one is healthy, that's the most important thing to me.

Right now though, I'd like to take a moment to ask anyone who comes across this blog to go to and leave any prayers, thoughts and condolences you may have for my friend Courtney and her husband Jason. Sadly, they are no strangers to loss. They lost their beautiful twin sons in January 2009 and today, lost their 3rd son, Wyatt. He is now with his big brothers in heaven and they're left with another void in their heart that can never be filled. Courtney was due 1 day after me and we had really bonded during this pregnancy because we both know the pain of losing another child. It breaks my heart that such a beautiful person, a beautiful son and a loving woman who wants nothing more than to be a mother to a child not in heaven, is experiencing such sadness and pain.

Thank you to anyone who comes across this and takes the time to read Courtney's blog. Now is the time when she needs comfort the most.

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