Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today is October 15th and to most people in this world, it's just another day. A day where they'll wake up, go to work, do their daily activities and go to bed.

But to me October 15th means so much more. It's a day that is set to remember the Angels taken from this world too soon, taken from the families that love them and miss them.

Every day is a day for me to remember my daughter and not a day has gone by since she died that I don't think about her. Before I lost Audrey I didn't even know that a day like National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness existed and now that she is gone and I find myself bonding with so many women like myself, I often wonder how I wouldn't even know them or that this day even existed had it not been for losing Audrey. I'm glad I met them and I'm honored to be attending an event organized in memory of our babies that have died but I also wish this had never happened and that none of us had to have a day like this to live through.

My sweet Angel has been on my mind so much more than usual and in this very minute I can feel flutters in my stomach thinking about her and remembering back to the day that she was born still. The day that forever changed my world and changed the person I was.

At 7 p.m. please light a candle and remember all of the babies in this world and remember their parents. We are doing our best to move forward and while we may look like we "have it together," it takes every bit of energy we have to function and go on with that missing piece of our heart.

I love you Audrey - Mommy will get to hold you someday!

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