Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adopt an Angel

I was struggling for awhile with the idea of what to do for Audrey for Christmas, to includ her and keep her memory alive in our family. I already know I am having an special ornament made for her to hang on our tree - right next to the ornament we had made for Addie's first Christmas. But, I still felt like I wanted to do more.... and then I found it.

I adopted a little girl around Audrey's age and I am buying gifts to donate to her. I don't know her name or anything, just her age and what size she wears for clothes and what kind of toys her parents prefer she have.
I am beyond heart broken that Audrey won't be here for Christmas but at least another little girl can have a good Christmas and be surrounded by the family that loves her.


  1. Thats so awesome Cassie! Last year Jarod took a few names off the tree here in windham and bought presents for the kids. He had so much fun doing it and this year I'm going to do it for him. Think of the joy your bringing to this little girls parents a way to help you in your tough time and also help them during theres.

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  3. We have done the same thing and oddly this year our little ones name is the same as our Angel Ethan
    Hugs to you thank you for all your doing