Saturday, October 16, 2010

I remember

Yesterday I had the great honor of being able to attend a Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and my beautiful Angel, Audrey.

A year and a half ago I found the site when I was having one of my many sleepless nights and I joined a Stillbirth support group. It was there that I met Sherri Horvat. She lost her daughter, Gianna, just a few weeks before I lost Audrey. She was a major help to me in those first few days and weeks after our loss.

With her amazing strength and courage she went on to found Gianna's Light. An organization she put together in honor of her Angel. It is her way of shedding Gianna's Light on the world and bringing attention to a much thought of but less talked about subject - Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Yesterday was the second annual Candlelight Vigil and one of our local news stations was there to film a segment. They interviewed Sherri and also asked to interview me. You can watch the video here:

I was so nervous to be interviewed - I've never been on tv before. :) But, I was also so honored to get the chance to bring attention to this special event and hopefully it helps another Mother feel less alone.


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