Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Ending

Our beautiful little boy is two weeks old now. We took the kids to Portrait Innovations yesterday and got some family pics done and a few newborn pics of our little man.

 When I look at him, my heart just swells with love and happiness. I waited so long for him! <3

 My beautiful babies

 My completed family. While we'll always grieve for Audrey and miss her, what we have now feels complete. I feel content and happy for the first time since Audrey died.

My smiley baby boy. I like to look at this pic and think he was seeing his Angel sister watching over him.

I took little man to the Doctor yesterday with some concerns I have because his eyes were excessively watering and developing "crust" when he sleeps. The Doctor told me he has clogged tear ducts. We have to wash his eyes off with a warm wash cloth several times a day. It should clear up within 6 months. I definitely hope it does. I don't want him to have it surgically repaired.

Adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler has been easier than I expected. I think a lot of it is because Owen is such a happy and content baby. Seriously. He only fusses to be fed or when he is being changed. Other than that, he's truly happy and he just loves to be snuggled. He sleeps a lot better at night than his oldest sister ever did, which I have no complaints!! :) 

Overall, life is great. Life is wonderful and I feel so happy.

I feel like we finally got our happy ending.

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